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Barisal Govt. College HSC Admission Circular Bangladesh 2017

Govt. Barisal College is by far the most renowned collegs in your division from Barisal. It’s actually a College of wonder and tradition precisely as it was identified on 02 septemver from 1963 from the residence from Barisal-Govt.-CollegeMahattapa Ashwani Kumat Datta. It teddy bears testimony of this glorious “Tamal Tree” not to mention demonestration of this golden reach of Ashwani Kumar. In relation to its singnificance not to mention heritage might be was nationalised through 1986. Well before that it again had an incredible academic repute. It on going its early on reputation from keeping adcademic eonvention. Today Govt. Barisal College is typically the pride of this division as for the having some glorius induce H. ‘s. C, BA (pass), S. B. ‘s and BA (hons) scanning. Along aided by the academic businesses Barisal College furnishing typically the students with a opportunity from exercising co-curricular and further curricula recreation Recently Govt. Barisal College team seems to have clinched typically the championship of this national evel Clean man Belief Cup Inter College Tournament 2010 tidy by Uniliver Bangladesh Ltd.

How to Apply System Barisal Govt. College Admission 2017 Application

Institution Name: Barisal Govt. College

Campus Located: Barisal, Bangladesh

Admission Just Time: 11 June 2017

Government EIIN: 100867

Founded Year: 2 September 1963

Seat for Applicants:

Year of Academic: 2017-2018

Apply System Through: Online/ SMS / Desk

Form Collection Time: 9 May 2017

Necessity Education:

Form Submission Time Before: 30 May 2017

Admission Requirements of Barisal Govt. College 2017 Form Download

Respnsibility Status:

  • Mind the matter of 0 Just follows this majority.
  • Need the 0 For perfection.
  • A major things is 0 It’s important fact.
  • Of course mind that 0 Ensure it.
  • More objections that 0 Manage this things.
  • One of more step that 0 Obey it.

College Contact Number: SMS

Result of Admission Test Time: 10 June 2017

Website Information:

Costs of Application: 150 Tk

Section Available: 3 (Science, Arts & Commerce)

Our FB Page:

Our Android Application:

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Barisal Govt. College HSC Admission System 2017

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As Barisal College is situated the hub of typically the Barisal Destination, students are actually encounaged to find themselves publicly stated into this College. On those grounds, Govt. Barisal College has towards accommondate a considerable amount of students. As well as, there are actually BNCC not to mention Rover Scouts versions in Barisal College which jog many friendly and rehabilitating workshops. In matter, Govt. Barisal College is the right College which is picked up ensure good education not to mention impart contribution in the development of this country.

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