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Online Pay Fixation Beton Pension

In September this year, the new pay scale was approved with a highest basic pay of Tk 78,000 and a minimum of Tk 8,250. It allowed an across-the-grade hike ranging from 91 to 101 percent.

The basic pay for officers and other employees and the arrears will have retroactive effect from July 1 this year and the allowances will be paid from July 1, 2017.

Online Pay Fixation Beton Pension 2017

The Seventh Pay Scale, introduced on July 1, 2009, had awarded a highest basic of Tk 40,000 and a minimum of Tk 4,100.

bangladesh-national-pay-scaleThe new structure has dropped the class categories, selection grade, and time scale. The annual increment will be a percentage of the basic pay.

Government employees will get two festival bonuses as well as 20 percent of the basic as Bangla New Year allowance.

The new pay scale will impose a burden of over Tk 159.04 billion on the government in the current financial year. Next year, it will be more than Tk 238.28 billion.

Mohammad Farasuddin, former governor of Bangladesh Bank, made the recommendations of the 8th Pay Commission on Dec 21 last year.

Online Pay Fixation Beton Pension 2017 Bangladesh

It had recommended a minimum scale of Tk 8,200 and a highest of Tk 80,000.

A secretaries’ committee reviewed the recommendations and revised the basics to a minimum of Tk 8,250 and a highest of Tk 75,000.

The recommendation of the secretaries was further reviewed by the finance ministry, with the final figures emerging as Tk 8,250 at the bottom and Tk 78,000 at the top.

Online Pay Fixation 2017 Bangladesh 

The Pay Commission had recommended a 16-grade structure, but a 20-grade structure, recommended by the secretaries’ committee, was finally approved by the Cabinet in September this year.
Online Pay Fixation Beton Pension The government on Thursday launched a salary and pension fixation online system for government employees, aiming to make their salary fixation easies and reduce sufferings in drawing pension.

Beton Pension 2017

finance minister AMA Muhith formally inaugurated the system at the Secretariat.
State minister for finance MA Mannan, Cabinet Secretary Mohammad Shafiul Alam, Senior Secretary of Finance Division Mahbub Ahmed and Local Government Division Secretary Abdul Malek were present.
Muhith said government officials now face tremendous hassles in drawing their pensions and the introduction of the online system to fix their salary and pension is a remarkable step towards building ‘Digital Bangladesh’.
Government officials now will be able to determine their salaries easily and automatically using the online salary fixation software, reports United News of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh National Pay Scale 2017 Online Pay Fixation

To do so, they must provide inputs about their service records and National Identification cards.
The introduction of online salary fixation software aims to create a database of government employees which will help maintain accounts and formulate budgets for salaries and pension.
Describing the features of the system, Senior Secretary of Finance Division Mahbub Ahmed said once the task of online salary fixation is completed it will help implement the newly announced pay scale.
At present, all retired government officials have to go to accounts offices or banks to draw their pension and they often face sufferings. – Online Pay Fixation Beton Pension 2017

Under the salary and pension fixation online system, steps have been taken to send pension money to the bank accounts of pensioners through Electronic Bank Transfer. And pensioners will be informed through SMS to their mobile phones.
So, Mahbub Ahmed said, the pensioners can draw their pension money from their bank accounts in their convenient time.
Besides, a new software, ‘iBAS++ ‘, on coordinated budget formulation, implementation and accounts was launched today replacing the existing iBAS.The fixation of salaries and pensions of the country’s 2.1 million civil servants and pensioners under the 8th pay order goes online today.

The new mandatory online system moves away from the lengthy and corruption-prone paper-based system, official sources said.

A Finance Division official said: “We are launching a dedicated website – – for state salaries and pensions.”

The finance minister will launch the website today.

Government-owned mobile operator Teletalk will provide technical support to the process by sending text messages to civil servants who will fill up the online salary fixation form, he said.

Online Pay Fixation 2017 Bangladesh Government Jobs Sector

On Sunday, the finance minister signed a summary regarding the online pay fixation form and website.

Finance Minister AMA Muhith confirmed the matter to journalists on Tuesday night, saying public servants will receive their December salaries under the 2015 pay scale.

Allowances under the new pay scale will be given from July next year, while arrears will be paid in two 50% tranches at the end of this month and in February.

The new pay scale is effective from July 1 this year. “The government expects a high standard of service from public servants,” Muhith said.

Online Pay Fixation Beton Pension 2017 BD

The online pay fixation form takes approximately five minutes to fill out.

Finance Secretary Mahbub Ahmed said: “It will be a hassle-free process from this year.”

According to the finance minister’s summary, public servants must fill out the pay fixation form online, and will be required to enter their national ID numbers and dates of birth.

The finance secretary said: “We will create a database of civil servants and pensioners under the online system.”

The Finance Division also penned a deal with the Bangladesh Computer Council to use a dedicated virtual private server at the National Data Centre, according to Finance Division sources.

According to the summary, pensioners will be able to draw their payments directly through the banking system instead of through the Treasury once all of their data is collected through the online fixation system.

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